Our achievement is a cost effective and efficient ship management service of international standard. Successful ship management depends on crew, systems, staff & personnel and the right blend of experience.

It is our management commitment to keep all vessels under us operational ready in terms of technical, crew and any certifications related to technical and crew matters.

The company undertakes that the vessel is ready for any oil major inspection at any given point.

We are ISM certified by DNV, LR and NK, Japan. In fact, we hold an unique record of starting our company with the ISM certificates from the word go.

A transparent accounting system allowing the principal to view every area of ship accounting, purchasing of stores and supply from the company's own database.


Technical management
  • Technical support
  • Operation
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • ISM compliance
  • Safety and Quality Assurance
  • Store and Purchase
  • Regular maintenance
  • Performance report
  • Dry-docking
Commercial management
  • Agency
  • Chartering
Crew management
  • Selection
  • Training
  • Certification
  • Evaluation & assessment report
  • Administration
  • Drug and Alcohol policy
Additional Services
  • New Building supervision
  • Change of Flag
  • Survey and inspection for sales and purchase
  • Vessel internal audit
  • Vessel inspection for owners
  • Change of class
  • Drydocking management
  • Repairs management

   provides a WIDE VARIETY of Management Services to the Shipping Industry



Ships management is reputed for our high level of technical expertise. Our technical team comprises engineers of the highest caliber and with decades of experience in their respective field. All technical matters as in line with the company policy are handled pro-actively and preventive measures taken accordingly. This is the simple reason that the vessels under our management go for dry-dock without keeping any surprise for the owners.

Under the strict vigilance and monitoring of our highly qualified and experienced superintendents, we ensure that each and every vessel under our management is maintained at her top condition at all times.

All vessels under the management deploy the Computerized Maintenance System; linked with ship/shore communication for updating databases and is integrated with our office-based software for efficient communication.

This enables information to be shared between vessels and shore offices, providing reports and statistics essential to on-board management and safety, thereby assisting our superintendents to monitor and evaluate the status of the vessel performance at any given point.

This also enables our principals to view the day-to-day performance of their vessel through the net while sitting anywhere in the world. Our Technical Superintendents also inspect vessels at a regular period of two to three months to monitor the performance first hand. The company strictly adheres to the budget agreed mutually with the Owners and any saving in the budget is readily returned to the Principal.

This is possible due to the strict proactive policy of maintenance, supervision and execution of procedures. Our superintendents are authorized and encouraged to take responsible decisions pertaining to their vessels such that no maintenance is hampered for lack of proactive decision.Each superintendent at shore is assisted by a technical assistant and purchaser to source all requirements of the ship at the most cost-effective manner.

Due to the company's outstanding record of professionalism and business practices, we enjoy a highly competitive rate from various vendors and suppliers and the benefits have been passed on to our Principals.

We offer expert services in specialized vessels like chemical tankers, crude and product tankers and panamax bulk carriers.


ISHIPS MANAGEMENT puts utmost emphasis on the quality and efficiency of the each crew put on board.


We follow a stringent and consistent policy of recruiting the most eligible candidates through a system formulated with many years of experience of our team working in the field.

Our selection procedures strictly adhere to the STCW95 conventions and ISM codes.

All crew are Indian nationals and speak English. The company strictly follows the one nationality policy on board to avoid any miscommunication and consequent breach of safety rule on board. With a high level of education and extensive training both ashore and on-board, Indian crew and officers have made a place for themselves as one of the best merchant navy hands in the international shipping market.


Training is a part and parcel of good crew management. I-SHIPS ensures that each crewmember recruited has a high standard of training and qualification prior joining a ship.


Apart from the recruitment and training, company also takes care of all administrative aspects of crew requirements including travel plan for joining vessel, visa, payment and accounting of wages, overtime and bonus.

Medical tests and fitness certification.

Working gear for the crew as per safety and environmental protection policy of the company.

Administration ensures that any certification under the flag state requirements are promptly followed and adhered to. Each vessel under the management is connected with all crewing offices in India through all electronic media including email and satellite communication apart from the traditional modes like telex, fax etc. so that any crew matter can be directly dealt with by the crew manager(s) concerned.